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Self Esteem Sunday-Your Thoughts Can Make or Break You

I used to think that the way I felt was directly related to what the people around me were doing or saying.

I remember how insecure I was in college and how I always got angry at my boyfriend at the time for not doing enough to reassure me that I was beautiful, good enough, or the right girl for him.

I remember being sad, angry, jealous and anxious over what other people did or said to me. I really didn’t think I had any control over it. If something “bad” happened, I had to feel bad, no ifs ands or buts about it.

Enter Byron Katie.

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Veggie-fied Chicken Orzo Soup and How Much It Cost

It’s Sunday and still there are no pumpkins for carving in the house. Do you think I could carve a Butternut Squash? Okay, probably not. Hopefully the pumpkin-carving will happen today :)

Since there haven’t been any Halloween or other fall activities to speak of this weekend, I did what I always do when I have time to kill: stand in the kitchen, thinking about what to make next. In this case, it was soup.

I love making soup this time of year. My house is so darn cold that I have no problem standing in front of the stove for long periods of time, if only to get some warmth.

Anthony loves chicken soup, and of course I always have to add vegetables to everything, so here is what I made yesterday.

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Delicious Healthy Caribbean Empanadas

Although I love to cook, I don’t often attempt to recreate my favorite dishes in restaurants. I’m not sure why…I guess I’d rather just go to the restaurant and eat and not have to wash any dishes!

However, when Amy requested I make Caribbean Empanadas, a dish she loved from the vegetarian restaurant The Laughing Seed, but has now been removed from the menu, I had to say yes. Mostly because she was bringing beer, but also because I love a challenge.

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Vegan Coconut Breakfast Bars

This morning Coconut woke me up at 4:00 am. It’s pretty standard for one of the cats to wake me up at some point before I want to be woken up. Reasons include:

  • They’re hungry
  • They’re thirsty
  • They want me to reaffirm my love for them
  • They’re bored
  • They want to amuse themselves with my misery
  • One of them is jealous that the other is closest to my head and they start fighting (I would not want to be close to my head during the night, as that is where my stanky morning breath exits, but to each their own.)

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Chocolate Cake with Sweet Potato

  1. Yes, I made yet another baked good with sweet potato.
  2. No, I don’t subsist entirely on cake and cinnamon rolls. Tomorrow I promise to post a recipe that involves actual vegetables. And I don’t mean sweet potatoes mashed into chocolately deliciousness.

I am now going to type up the recipe for this cake. However, I have the TV on and am also watching the Joan Rivers Emmy Wrap Up and it’s very possible I will get distracted and include ingredients in this recipe that are not actually there.

Like…red hair.  (Source)

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Green Overnight Oats Recipe

Give me a moment to explain.

I’ve been in a green monster mood lately. However, spinach, half a banana, some soy milk, and some ground flaxseeds do not a filling meal make. What helps? Oatmeal. But I didn’t want to blend the oatmeal into the smoothie, I wanted texture. Not to mention that I had an almost empty peanut butter jar. Enter: Green Monster Overnight Oats in a Jar.

Not for the faint of heart.

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Oatmeal Sundae Recipe

fter I posted yesterday my day improved considerably.

Look, a crazy bird:


For the past couple of weeks, this bird has been attacking the window outside our laundry room. I figure it wants one of three things:

  • To use our awesome front-loader and environmentally-friendly laundry soap
  • To use the litter box so he doesn’t have to go outside
  • To eat our brains

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